Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling

safe traveling

Going to a new destination is a wonderful experience but it is smart to take safety precautions while traveling. There are number of things you can do that will make your trip a safe one. We’ve put together a list of top safety tips.

Send your itinerary to your family or close friends.

It is helpful to have family or close friends in the know of your whereabouts. Include where you are staying and when, how you are getting from place to place and any other travel details. Keep the knowledge that you are traveling to a need-to-know basis until you come back. It is unwise to share your travel plans online prior or during your trip.

Be informed about your destination.

Do some research on where you will be traveling. Read books, ask people you know, and use the internet. If you google safety for the location you are travelling, you’ll be sure to find out more about potential risks and tips on staying safe.

Have a list of emergency numbers.

Should you need it in an emergency, have phone numbers written down and in a safe accessible place, such as in your wallet or purse. Include phone numbers for people back home as well as the local police and officials in the area you are traveling. It also is advised to have copies of your identification, credit card info and wallet contents somewhere other than your wallet. If something goes wrong, you’ll have this information.

Get Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance is a good idea. Just like any insurance, it’s great when you need it. Shop around as there are numerous companies that offer different coverage. 

Have emergency cash.

In a world of ATMs, it’s easy to not have cash. But in a true emergency, cash may be the key to getting the help you need. Hide some cash in a place other than your wallet or purse.

Conceal your Valuables.

Better yet, leave valuables at home. But sometimes you can’t avoid it. If you do bring anything of substantial value, make sure you hide it well to make it difficult for thievery. Hard case suitcases are better and call ahead to your lodging to see if there are any room safes or other secure storage options. Keep them in your possession and vision at all times.

Stay sober.

Sure, a business trip or personal vacation can include some social drinking. But keep in control, be responsible and aware of what is happening around you and to you.