Top Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Nowadays, we all strive to eat healthily. Traveling can make it harder to make good choices. You are either on the go, out of your routine, or in a new place with different food options and with a different schedule altogether. Certainly trying new foods is a benefit we all enjoy as part of traveling to a new place. But remember, you will want to eat well in order to feel great and enjoy your trip. 

While staying the course to healthy eating is challenging while on vacation or on a business trip, there are ways to plan ahead and keep more of that balance. We’ll show you that eating healthy while traveling is possible and by doing this, your travel experience will be better for it.

Start with a Nutritious Breakfast

Make it a point to start off your day with a healthy meal. Breakfast is a meal that you have the best chances to control because it’s the first thing in the morning. Plan the night before, at least where and what you will eat. Make good choices such as eggs or oatmeal, or yogurt with fruit. Food that has protein will help to maintain your energy level throughout your day. This will help you to make better food choices later.

Pack your own snacks.

Taking the time to pack your own healthy snacks will provide you with energy needed during travel while avoiding the need to purchase unhealthy snacks when you get hungry. Pack your snacks in portion-size to make it easy for you and to not overindulge on munchies. Great snacks for travel include homemade granola bites or purchased granola, fresh or dried fruit, and low-salt nuts. If you want something a bit salty or indulgent, kale chips, popcorn or dark chocolate are good options.

If you are unable to bring your own snacks, make sure to make smart choices at airports and rest stops in purchasing food items. Read labels to consider sugar and salt levels. Again, fresh or dried fruit make a quick healthy snack. The less ingredients in a snack, usually the better.

Stay hydrated.

Don’t forget to bring and drink plenty of water. If traveling in the car, store a small cooler in the main part of your car stocked with water so that you can easily access. If traveling by airplane, consider bringing an empty bottle which you can then fill once past security. While many travelers love to drink coffee, keep this to a minimum. Tea and seltzer water can make good water alternatives while on the go. Watch your salt intake salty snack will further parch your body. Choose juicy fruits such as strawberries, melons, and oranges which are hydrating. Remember that hydration is so important despite additional restroom stops because of it.

Plan your Meals.

Eating airline food or drive-thru food can be unhealthy. Instead, plan ahead. Options at the terminal tend to be healthier than the meal options onboard the plane. Visit the restaurants at the terminal ahead of time and make wise choices and customizations to make your meal the healthiest option. If you are on a car trip, scout out ahead of time restaurants that are on-route so that you can stop and have a good nutritious meal.

When making your lodging arrangements, consider choosing a hotel room with a mini-fridge to help you eat healthy. Stock up on fruit and salads. Think about renting a home or apartment that is equipped with a kitchen so that you may opt to cook some meals instead of dining out. Scout out ahead of time where local food shops are so that you can stock up on nutritious food when you arrive.

Being prepared and giving it some thought ahead of time are the ways you will succeed in making healthy food choices while traveling. Make sure to try some local foods to enjoy the culture where ever you travel but keep balance eating healthfully. By keeping a balance during your travels, you’ll be healthier and return back to routine life with ease.